Vindo... the Storefront Cleaning People

My customers comment all the time on how clean my windows are.

-The UPS Store
Jeff Garceau Owner

Your windows are the FIRST IMPRESSION that your store will make on potential customers. Clean and clear windows are inviting and give the impression of quality and professionalism.

Vindo Cleaning, Inc. is located in Norwalk, CT. We provide storefront window cleaning service to businesses in Connecticut, New York, Long Island and New Jersey. Because we focus only on commercial window cleaning we are able to provide excellent, reliable, consistent window cleaning service to hundreds of stores every week.

Professional window cleaning by Vindo Cleaning, Inc. ensures that your store windows will look their best. Your customers and staff will be instilled with confidence in your business by your clean environment.

Serving Connecticut, New York and Long Island

Within a 70 mile radius of Norwalk, CT

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