Why Connecticut needs clean windows

Of all the expenses involved in operating a business, window washing may be one of the least obvious. It is not an expenditure that is normally put into the average business budget, nor is it one that most businesses want to worry about. The result is often either dirty windows that rarely get cleaned, or windows that are cleaned by the business staff. Perhaps the restaurant host or the office receptionist adopts the duty of cleaning the windows regularly.

No matter the case, the result is typically the same. Unclean windows are an obvious turn off to potential customers and reflect very badly on your business. But even windows cleaned regularly by staff tend to be lacking. A receptionist, waitress, secretary, etc. who has window washing added to his/her job description rarely takes it seriously. It is only one more duty added to an already large list, and it is usually seen as a minor duty at that. Perhaps the job is taken seriously. But the washer is not a professional and will leave streaks and other evidences of unprofessionalism. The result is a window that does not reflect the best of your company.

Whatever your business may be; whether restaurant, office, store, or whatever, it will benefit from professionally washed windows. As one of the first things to catch a customer’s eye, the window can draw a client in or turn them away. When anyone spends money, they want to be sure that they are paying for professionals. And dirty or streaked windows do not communicate professionalism.

Of all places in America, Connecticut is one of the places where an image of professionalism is the most important. A business in a state filled with so many educated people and intellectuals cannot afford to not put its best foot forward. Not only can dirty windows turn off a potential customer, but they can also turn that potential customer into someone who turns other people away from your business. He will no doubt let other know why he did not choose your business.

Most twenty-first century companies have realized the importance of projecting a good image. This comes across in the money that is poured into advertising, the emphasis and funds directed toward designing a sharp and modern logo, and the painstaking planning and detail put into architectural design and decorating. While those are the more noticeable aspects of the image, windows are an aspect that supports those.

With dirty windows, the detailed architecture loses its flourish. The fancy logo no longer pops. The ads do not hold their appeal. One of the most important things in attracting people to your business is cleanliness and professionalism. You do not want to be one of the businesses that falls behind because of neglect in a few simple and easy to fix areas. Allow your windows to be cleaned by a professional and keep it moving upward, unhindered by unnecessary obstacles. Make your place of business one that is memorable for its good traits, not for its dirty windows.